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Calvary Chapel Beaumont 

Life Groups generally consist of 5 to 12 people who gather regularly to encourage and challenge one another to grow spiritually and connect with some friends who are going in the same direction. Sometimes, the best description is simply a group of people who want to make some friends and become more like Christ. Use our interactive map below to find a Life Group that’s right for you.

At a Glance

  • To find a life group, simply select one of the map markers below.

Life Groups at Calvary Chapel Beaumont

When we preach the gospel to one another in close-knit community, there is spiritual growth that changes us individually and as a whole. That change causes us to position for an outward focus and encourage gospel transformation in the communities outside the church walls.

There is something powerfully unique about an intimate gathering around a living room, a small classroom, or a dining room table that forces us to think differently than when we are in a big room for worship. Small groups, in fact, are where much of the theology taught in our pulpits begins to be fleshed out in conversation and action.

Ready to Find a Life Group?

To get started, please scroll down to the interactive map below. You may choose to find a Life Group whose location is close to you or fit your particular schedule. Once you’ve find a Life Group, visit our Registration Page, fill out the short form and a member of our staff will reach out to you shortly.

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To register for a life group, you’ll need fill a registration form, don’t worry it’s a quick process.

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Become a Life Group Leader

To make a thorough and responsible evaluation of an applicant’s fitness to lead a Life Group, we require that you provide us with some information first.

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