Intensive Care Ministries

Calvary Chapel Beaumont 

IBS materials are available on our website and donations can be made through this site.

Intensive Care Ministries began in 1985 after Pastor Dan Finfrock left Calvary Chapel Banning (now Calvary Chapel Beaumont) and moved his family to the Philippines. He began training pastors and Christian workers in a course he developed called Inductive Bible study and 38 years later this IBS manual is now available in 55 languages and has been taught in 55 countries.

Our largest work is in Africa where we have 8 ongoing Bible schools for pastors, 6 in Tanzania,1 in the Sudan and Kenya. Another school will soon open in Liberia. Hundreds of pastors have gone through this training and it’s revolutionized their teaching of the Word.

Visit the Intensive Care Ministries Website.

Prayer Requests for ICM:

  • Pray for our staff in Russia, India, Pakistan, Philippines and Africa.
  • Pray for our 6 Bible School’s in Tanzania, 1 in Sudan, 1 in Kenya and soon to open in Liberia. These schools train pastors in-depth.
  • Pray for hundreds of pastors we have already trained through these programs that they will faithfully
    teach God’s Word.
  • Pray for Pastor Dan as he travels extensively into many countries.