Higgins serving at CityLight church in Bratislava, Slovakia


Patrick and Ivetka, with their two sons Gabriel (14) and David (12), serve by leading the team at CityLight Church in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia with a growing population of over a half-million Slovaks, internationals, students and refugees. The Higgins have been serving in Slovakia for 17 years and started CityLight church in 2008. CityLight church is a bilingual church serving both the Slovak and international community. With their growing ministry team they desire to develop a ‘non-denominational, international, truthful, Spirit-filled, grace oriented, contemporary church’ that can be an evangelistic light to the city of Bratislava and beyond. The ministry of CityLight has been active in not only reaching local Slovaks, but engaging is serving the Roma (gypsies), Syrian refugees and orphans within our community. The Lord has placed their church in the very center of Bratislava which serves as the cultural, economic and political center of Slovakia. It is from this position that they desire to be a bright light to the Slovak people and the people of many nations that call Bratislava their home. Additionally, Patrick and Ivetka work and serve as teachers in a local school which opens up many doors to ministry to children and families as they tent-make.


Please pray for their current need of more workers and space to serve the many children and families now attending CityLight. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Consider committing to regularly praying for the Higgins ministry and also supporting them financially. You can contact the Higgins at patrickivetka@gmail.com or via Facebook. Visit their blog for more current updates www.patrickivetka.wordpress.com. Additionally you can visit CityLight Church’s Facebook or webpage www.citylightbratislava.com. To financially support the Higgins please visit www.goinchrist.com and designate your tax-deductible donation as ‘Higgins #1175’

Thank you and God bless!


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